about gray, brass, and marble…





images courtesy of fantastic frank.se




styled by emma Fischer for Bjurfors Göteborg

two very different settings of kitchen using same color & material palette: brass hardware, gray cabinets and marble countertop, and both kitchens look amazingly chic. love the simplicity and the accent of brass hardware.

white vs. black, which one is more of your type?

about gray, brass, and marble…

black, marble and brass, plus the book by tham & videgard arkitekter

black kitchen cabinets_marble_brass_3black kitchen cabinets_marble_brass_1black kitchen cabinets_marble_brass_2Tham & Videgard Arkitekter - The Operative Elements Of Architecture_fantastic frank

all images via fantastic frank.se

i am having two subjects in one post today.

remember the virtual monday post? that’s right, the realization of the project looks JUST LIKE the rendering, in good way! the marble countertop/backsplash with brass trim, framed by black cabinets with brass hardwares… minimal yet rich in materiality, michitecture’s #1 design mantra.

and remember the atrium house by tham & videgård arkitekter featured back in 2012?  stockholm-based architecture office TVARK’s book looks perfect in one of the HG7 project, packhuset. you can look inside the book here via idea books.nl (which offers really awesome book preview). buy the book from amazon(US).

happy sunday!

black, marble and brass, plus the book by tham & videgard arkitekter

i can almost move in here

gray swedish interior_wood dining table
all images courtesy of ahre.se

gray gray gray. the combination of gray and wood makes a calming interior atmosphere. my favorite corner? the kitchen. love the stainless steel cabinets with marble counter top, with subway tile as back splash on gray wall.

also don’t you love these deep window sill ?

yes, i can almost move in here… just need to add one or two tom dixon offcut stools to cheer up the interior little bit.

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i can almost move in here

a white and gray interior with era chair on wall

white and gray apartment_bistro chair on wall_gothenburg sweden
all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se

just as the title said, a lovely white and gray-theme apartment from gothenburg, sweden… with a era chair on wall (!). indeed a space saver solution… will you try that at home?

white and gray apartment_dining room_gothenburg sweden

white and gray apartment_kitchen_gothenburg sweden

white and gray apartment_living room_gothenburg sweden

white and gray apartment_bookshelf_gothenburg sweden

white and gray apartment_bedroom_gothenburg sweden
all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se

you can check out the rest of apartment here.

a white and gray interior with era chair on wall

vintage airline beverage cart for home

vintage airline beverage cart_kitchen cabinet_2

all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se

i’ve been spotting these repurposed vintage airline beverage cart for home on several scandinavian real estate sites… what do you think about this trend?

a elegant, minimal Berlin home with a industrial-style kitchen for sale via fantastic frank.

love the old house detail like these gold door wares.

vintage airline beverage cart_kitchen cabinet_1

vintage airline beverage cart_kitchen cabinet_black wall

vintage airline beverage cart_kitchen cabinet_4

vintage airline beverage cart_kitchen cabinet_5

all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se

happy friday!

vintage airline beverage cart for home

i can move in here: simply a gorgeous apartment

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_1
all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se | photos by jonas berg

as title indicated, this is simply a gorgeous two bedroom apartment from göteborg, sweden, that i would LOVE to move in. besides the beautiful interior & spacious layout, the neighborhood is equally beautiful as well. the play of shades of gray from furniture to textile makes a very elegant & stylish interior that is crisp but still keep the warm feeling. and i like the fact that this apartment has a nicely done kitchen and the rest of rooms are still remaining more like a white canvas… it is a flexible space to be adopted to our lifestyle.

no seriously, i can totally move in here tomorrow.

here are some of my favorite corners:

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i can move in here: simply a gorgeous apartment

flat file cabinet coffee table

earthy swedish apartment_file cabinet coffee table_living room storage
all images courtesy of bo-laget.se

using flat file cabinet as coffee table is one of these “let’s add some rustic to the modern home” move that makes you either love it or leave it. if you done it right – it could become a really charming center piece in the living room. and it comes with a plus- the cabinet can also serve as storage space for newspapers, magazines, misc. papers etc. functional and beautiful, a win-win.

in this apartment for sale in malmö, the wood panels from the cabinet, the era chairs, the wood dining table, and the wood countertop in the kitchen are in the family of similar tone, which brings a soft, warm touch to the majorly white interior.

earthy swedish apartment_file cabinet coffee table_ear chair

earthy swedish apartment_era chair_wood dining table_kitchen tiles

earthy swedish apartment_creamy white bedroom_headboard display

earthy swedish apartment_creamy white bedroom
all images courtesy of bo-laget.se

click here to view the rest of images.

flat file cabinet coffee table

blogger Åsa Myrberg’s summer cottage

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_living room
all images via skonahem

it is the season makes you fancy about summer cottage/lodge in sunday afternoon… wherever close to the lake/shore/ocean kind of place (and wherever away from the city). this summer cottage located on Ekerö (a municipality in stockholm county in east central sweden) is featured on the cover of current issue of skonahem magazine. belongs to the blogger asa myrberg (lots DIY projects in her house), the interior style is easy and relatable, which is why i like about it SO MUCH.

oh summer.

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blogger Åsa Myrberg’s summer cottage