spring update

white and wood_scandinavian interior_dining room

all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se

the simple material palette creates a cozy and chic interior . i love how relatable this interior style is and may i say, i can move in here.

white and wood_scandinavian interior_dining table

white and wood_scandinavian interior_kitchen hood

white and wood_scandinavian interior_kitchen

white and wood_scandinavian interior

white and wood_scandinavian interior_bedroom wall

dark green scandinavian bedroom wall color

dark green scandinavian bedroom wall color._2

all images courtesy of fantastic frank.se

although the dark green/blue interior is not my usual go-to, i really like the calming atmosphere it provides. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous…

spring update

it’s time for white, officially

scandinavian white interior_living room

all images courtesy of stadshem.se

a cozy interior with lots white just in time for summer.

my favorite corner is the living room with the string shelving system along the hallway. plus you can’t go wrong with the light wood floor.

+ paris poster from studio esinam

scandinavian white interior_black board

scandinavian white interior_living room_light grey

scandinavian white interior_living room_light wood floor

scandinavian white interior_hallway_string shelving system

scandinavian white interior_hallway

scandinavian white interior_kitchen

scandinavian white interior_bedroom

all images courtesy of stadshem.se

it’s time for white, officially