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plywood and marble

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interior / lifestyle

all images courtesy of the freshly cut look of plywood pair with marble countertop, these two simple materials, are surprisingly a perfect complimentary to each other. so minimal in form but rich in its character. simply gorgeous. and hey did i mention there is a beautiful concrete floor (in true cement gray) that extends inside-out? it must be such a treat to have your daily meals or cup of coffee here with that view. if you’re […]

black and white, and lots natural sunlights

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interior / scandinavian design

all images courtesy of in the past few days we’ve started to have more sunlight and sunshine in philadelphia (shhhh), even 50s temperature makes you feel like a blessing. it is amazing to see how much the natural sunlight can effect your mind, something that cost you nothing but make you 10X more happier. the natural sunlight in this spacious flat is just gorgeous. and i like the black cabinets in the kitchen which gives this space a […]