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virtual monday (2)

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all images via alexander   another set of beautiful images for the condo project HG7 in stockholm… i am simply fascinated by the ‘subtle imperfection’ quality in rendering world these days. the wrinkles, the slight scratch mark… the interior look so real, and surreal same time. all images via alexander more images can be viewed here.

virtual monday

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all images courtesy of oscar properties being fascinated by renderings might sound kind of silly, as renderings these days are so over saturated in almost every real estates sale campaign. so why bother? the interior stills always seem too perfect to be real, and to glossy to be touched. yes, i was a bit hesitated to share these images. but after a second thought… hey, these renderings actually do have a taste of style and the texture, the warmth of natural […]

rendering style | hvdn architecten

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  + good neighbors, almere 130 residences, 15 residential-care groups, community services [ all images courtesy of hvdn architecten ] 最近因為工作的關係,開始注意一些優質的住宅設計(housing design )。1998年底由荷蘭建築師Albert Herder 以及 Arie van der Neut 創辦的建築事務所hvdn, 如同他們的公司網頁設計, 許多已經完工的建築物也都有相當乾淨的細部設計,並且有現代荷蘭設計( Dutch design )的新潮點綴。 可是其實吸引我的,是他們家的rendering style… 來看看吧。