about millennial pink…


via fantastic frank.se

recently i’ve came across a lot of similar hue of pink that is very soft and pale. from wrapping paper, to book cover, to sneakers/sweatshirts… to water bottle. later on i learned from my millennial colleague that this pink is the ever popular millennial pink.

hmm. not fair. this is a such elegant and chic pink. i don’t even want to google what “80s pink” looks like.

common projects pink sneaker.jpg

via common projects


bkr water bottle_ Tutu-1L.jpg

tutu water bottle via bkr

acne studio amina collapsible heel leather loafers.jpg

acne studio leather loafers via net-a-porter

Pastel Pink Albion Mini Tote.png

pastel pink albion mini tote via sophie hulme (…sold out!)


as much as i love the gray-white-black color palette… i am really obsessed about this pastel pink. such a calming and cheerful color (? can these two characters co-exist).

what is your millennial pink?

about millennial pink…

N is for neon, P is for pastel

N is for neon, P is for pastel

side tables by TAF for karimoku | photo©Dimitrios Tsatsas, Stylepark

just read the article on stylepark about the color trend in this year’s salone del mobile in milan (read the full article here), the combination of bright neon vs. pale pastel is no doubt the very IT choice right now. and actually this combination is no stranger to street-style lovers.

well, neon and pastel, they used to be my least favorite combination for outfits (white, black, gray please!). but since when, i’ve helplessly fell in love with this color palate, from runways to homewares… some examples:

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N is for neon, P is for pastel