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saturday afternoon rain

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wait in super long line became the biggest trend in nyc these days. from cronuts to…rain room. there were couple moments we were about to quit. come on, stand under the super bright sun with no shade and almost zero breeze — just to be able to see the rain? don’t we have enough rain this summer? but for some reason, we managed to stay without fainting. (let’s talk about the heat wave in nyc […]

MoMA: 9 + 1 Ways of Being Political: 50 Years of Political Stances in Architecture and Urban Design

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architecture / graphic & branding design / travel

a very interesting exhibition on view right now in MoMA nyc through march 25, 2013. this mies wallpaper by 2X4 is our most favorite project among rest of the great works from artists, photographers and designers. Divided into nine sections, plus a special performance piece by Andrés Jaque Arquitectos (at MoMA PS1 on September 16 and 23), the exhibition presents a variety of critiques, from radicalism, institutional critique, and iconoclasm, to the blurring of social borders and the examination of public space. – […]

terrace 5 at MOMA new york

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food / travel

i LOVE this place. the space is sophisticated and airy, and the food they’re serving is always seasonal, refreshing, and simply good. you can also sit outside ( the terrace) with a view to the lovely courtyard. i’ve joined MOMA membership for years ( free access to MOMA and PS1 during your annual membership ), when i was in town, i always wanted to stop by terrace5 just for a light lunch or a cup of coffee… ( […]

cellophane house at MoMA

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architecture / travel

when i was going through some old pictures yesterday, found bunch interesting shots i( or j ) took when we went to see a exhibition called “Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling” at MoMA new york, back to july, 2008. the installations included : cellophane house, burst*008, system 3, housing for new orleans, and micro compact home.

Dan Perjovschi is back!!

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saw Dan Perjovschi’s exhibition back in 2007 at MOMA… this Romanian-born artist is known for mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti in his pieces drawn directly on the walls of museums and contemporary art spaces.  at first i though some one who dared to draw cartoon on museum wall. the graphic is always simple & minimal but compelling same time. here are some shots taken from the fold-out I got at the exhibition , can’t believe three years have gone by… […]

Do you know Iwan Baan?

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architecture / landscape architecture / photography

[ An aerial shot, taken from the Standard Hotel. Photo by Iwan Baan ] one of my favorite architecture photographers. here’s an article on new york times to give you an idea Who is Iwan Bann. 之前在VitraHaus有提過的這位攝影師,不像一般的攝影師,總是把建築物當成唯一的主角,修片修的過度完美而沒有靈魂,他拍的照片不僅把建築物或是基地的特色強調出來,同時也會把這空間的氣氛抓住。