gloomy day inspo: black and millennial pink (yeah)

scandinavian home_se_black steel steps_mesh panels

all images courtesy of scandinavian

it seems so many centuries ago since my last post on this blog. a gloomy saturday afternoon,  little bean and his dad are napping upstairs.  somehow i found this amazing quiet(? despite the block party music outside our house) time that i can finally surf, strategically, and blog about things i like.

i started to follow scandinavian homes, a stockholm-based interior styling studio,  about a few months ago and i’ve been swooning all over their always refreshing take on the interior styling. you should definitely check out their insta.

scandinavian home_se_millennial pink day bed

scandinavian home_se_black kitchen island

scandinavian home_se_black kitchen island_white cabinets

all images courtesy of scandinavian

this property, have just right amount of black, balanced with natural wood materials and a splash of, well, millennial pink from the furnishing. the wood and petal color soften the mostly black and white interior and the result is just simply gorgeous.

i am definitely sold, again, about the mesh panel railing.

happy weekend everyone!

gloomy day inspo: black and millennial pink (yeah)

throw-back Friday


it’s hard to believe it has been seven years since i first posted this townhouse project by eliding & oscarson architects. seven years have been passed by and it is still my all time favorite. i just want to copy everything for my future home (somewhere, someday). it really worth another shout-out after seven years. check it out here.

throw-back Friday

summer styling: white and gray for home

summer white and grey scandnavian home_mesh panel stairs_3

a lovely gray & white interior that makes you wonder into the summer dream. i’ve been thinking about the railing with mesh panel for our (next) house, something simple like the one in this image.

although the property itself has a rather rural setting, the overall interior has a pretty relatable style for the urban dwelling… many ideas to steal.

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summer styling: white and gray for home

townhouse by elding & oscarson architects


[ all images courtesy eldingoscarson | Photos by Åke E:son Lindman ]

由Johan Oscarson 以及 Jonas Elding成立的建築事務所雖然在市場上算是相當年輕的新人公司,兩個創辦人的來頭都不小,Jonas之前在SANAA ( 妹島和世 )Tokyo工作七年,接手的案子包括在紐約的New Museum( 我改天會介紹一下這個來紐約一定要去看一下的博物館 );而Johan也同樣在Sandellsandberg, Stockholm工作了七年才出來,經參與OMX總部的設計。

他們公司的作品有很濃的北歐味 (stockholm-based) – 也可以說是日本味?很白,很簡單,聞得到人性化。

公司網站上有更多的作品( 大多是尚未完工的概念作品 ),今天選一個算是他們初試啼聲的私人住宅案子來跟大家分享。

Townhouse in Landskrona


狹窄的建築物像三明治被夾在兩個相當古老的鄰居住宅。( 兩邊一樓的矮平房也很可愛啊)建築物空間內部是打通的,從後方私密的小花園空間,連接到前方的街道,從一樓連接到天空。 2009年九月剛完工,季節相當適合拍照。( 喜歡這個攝影師的風格 )





[ all images courtesy eldingoscarson | Photos by Åke E:son Lindman ]

天橋(cat walk)旁的mesh metal railing panel金屬網狀的扶手護欄(亂翻譯)讓空間很有穿透感,如果家裡有小孩也比較安全,隨時可以看到聽到動靜… 浴室外就是陽台…感覺空氣好流通。












[ all images courtesy eldingoscarson | Photos by Åke E:son Lindman ]


優質的作品真是值得一看再看… 最近市場上太多大手筆的俗麗渲染圖,


townhouse by elding & oscarson architects