made in USA: schoolhouse

schoolhouse_isaac pendant_2

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

founded by brian faherty in 2003 following his discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade moulds in an abandoned warehouse, schoolhouse has every ingredients the creative makers believe in: the preservation of american manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design.

+isaac pendant+

i’ve been eyeing this issac pendant for a while. the minimal look of scandinavian-meets-vintage would be perfect for our second floor hallway. the isaac pendant is part of the Schoolhouse Electric Original, handcrafted in the portland factory.

+brass hardware+

they also have the solid brass cabinet knobs & drawer pulls handcrafted in the USA from 95% recycled brass. simply beautiful.

schoolhouse_brass knobs

schoolhouse_brass hex nob

+ SECO Marble Board +

marble and brass are always good together. marble is from vermont… also beautifully made in USA.

schoolhouse_SECO marble board

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

definitely checkout schoolhouse if you’re looking for the next generation of heirlooms.

made in USA: schoolhouse

a chic & cozy loft – winter edition

scandinavian loft_living room_1
all images courtesy of alvhem

hello hello, my dear michitecutre-ninjas out there! hard to believe it has been over a month since my last post… it sounds like a cliche statement, but finding time to do something for myself that is not house/or work-related between work and little bean, became a such luxury. aaaaanyway, all i wanted to say is so nice to be here again! hopefully my next post will be up sooner than a month.

today i wanted to share this chic & cozy loft from Göteborg. my favorite corner? the chair by the window with deep marble window silt…

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a chic & cozy loft – winter edition

floating sideboards, again

IKEA kitchen wall unit with marble top

image source unknown

six months passed and we still haven’t settled on the sideboard solution in our house, nor have we started the long over-due renovation… anyway, speaking of patience.

while we’re still open for the hallway solution, here i am self affirmed that i would really looove to have a minimal look of sideboards in our living room-also-part-of-hallway. my top choice is still this IKEA hack shown in the above image : kitchen wall units with marble top.

✚ and of course, this no-hack needed simple white floating sideboard is even better…

hallway white floating sideboards_2

hallway white floating sideboards_1

images courtesy of alvhem

minimal and beautiful.

i am so looking forward to having this sideboards thing done!

floating sideboards, again

cabarita project by C+M studio

C+M studio_cabarita_2
all images courtesy of C+M studio | Photoshoot Styling and Photography: Marsha Golmemac Brooke Holm

another beautiful costal townhouse refurbished by sydney-based C+M studio ( check out the previous post cross street). love the simplicity of material selection ( light wood, tan leather) in this light-filled white interior.

my favorite detail is the herringbone marble tile behind the washing sink… a lovely twist on a conventional tile layout.

C+M studio_cabarita_1

C+M studio_cabarita_4

C+M studio_cabarita_5

C+M studio_cabarita_6_marble herringbone wall tile

C+M studio_cabarita_3

C+M studio_cabarita_7_gray bedding

all images courtesy of C+M studio | Photoshoot Styling and Photography: Marsha Golmemac Brooke Holm

cabarita project by C+M studio

gold and marble for kitchen and bathroom

gold and marble_kitchen_over view

all images courtesy of alexander

marble countertop makes a nice material connection in this interior from kitchen to bathroom, as well as the gold hardware. people have warned me that using gold hardware is not practical, i will eventually get tired of looking at them… is that true?

gold and marble_kitchen_2

gold and marble_kitchen_1

gold and marble_kitchen_dark cabinets

gold and marble_kitchen_hallway

gold and marble_bathroom_1

gold and marble_bathroom_2_sink

all images courtesy of alexander

you can view the rest of interior here.

gold and marble for kitchen and bathroom

interior stylist pella hedeby’s simple, stylish home (for sale!)

chic scandinavian interior_white wood floor
all images courtesy of

even with such a beautiful and cozy home from södertälje (about 19 miles southwest of stockholm), you would think this is THE home that will be forever. but when the time comes and you’re moving on. i cannot imagine if i own such a gorgeous home and will be willing to put it on market!

and because i love this home so much, there are MANY images of the interior shots today… be prepared of the coming up inspiration over-load!

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interior stylist pella hedeby’s simple, stylish home (for sale!)

danish classic in swedish photographer’s stylish pad

swedish photographer Jonas Ingerstedt apartment_living room

all images courtesy of| photo:Jonas Ingerstedt

converted from a mid-1800s school, this apartment belongs to swedish photographer jonas ingerstedt ( whom i’ve been featured his work previously) is filled with many gorgeous danish classic collection plus some personal touch interior styling.

love every single corner in this apartment.

✚ (picture above) reclaimed table from school and replaced with marble top ✚ the blue wall cabinet is from ikea and jonas painted the panels in blue and added the leather handle strap

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danish classic in swedish photographer’s stylish pad