made in USA: schoolhouse

schoolhouse_isaac pendant_2

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

founded by brian faherty in 2003 following his discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade moulds in an abandoned warehouse, schoolhouse has every ingredients the creative makers believe in: the preservation of american manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design.

+isaac pendant+

i’ve been eyeing this issac pendant for a while. the minimal look of scandinavian-meets-vintage would be perfect for our second floor hallway. the isaac pendant is part of the Schoolhouse Electric Original, handcrafted in the portland factory.

+brass hardware+

they also have the solid brass cabinet knobs & drawer pulls handcrafted in the USA from 95% recycled brass. simply beautiful.

schoolhouse_brass knobs

schoolhouse_brass hex nob

+ SECO Marble Board +

marble and brass are always good together. marble is from vermont… also beautifully made in USA.

schoolhouse_SECO marble board

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

definitely checkout schoolhouse if you’re looking for the next generation of heirlooms.

made in USA: schoolhouse

chic and laid-back for the urban boheme

Kate Ciepluch_dumbo_chic_pad_1[all images courtesy of refinery ]

two factors are pretty self-explained before we see more images of this place. first of all, this pad is located in a remodeled 19th century manufacturing building featuring gorgeous lofty space in dumbo brooklyn. two, it belongs to kate ciepluch, former fashion director of shopbop and now the designer behind LAVEER, a style-defining collection that focus on blazers and jackets for the urban boheme.

i adore how effortless this interior is pulled together, full of personality (chic and laid-back) and good mix of new and old finds. just like her design inspiration for LEVEER : the muse is in the details.

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chic and laid-back for the urban boheme

masculine chic : scented flammables


though holiday season is officially over, the winter has just begun — at least in philadelphia. with the window closed while cooking during winter (freezing) time, scented candles will definitely be the saver to keep your house smell fresh and clean. BUT for some reasons i’ve never liked these strangely fruity/artificially sweeten scented candles (or air fresher)… not to mention they cause me headache.

i like real candles (soy-wax, bee-wax, cotton wicks) with nice candle jar that can be recycled, reused or repurposed. with natural scent will be the plus in this case. ( imagine the house full of pancakes smell… you can only appreciate that buttery smell for that long) the selection here are my picks of some really awesome candles, perfect for these who like masculine chic home interior style.

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masculine chic : scented flammables