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wythe hotel

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as a manhattan frequent visitor, it is hard to believe that i’ve never been to Brooklyn… never. ‘no way!’ … i know, right?  it is only three stops from 14 street/union square on L line! and then of course you can keep going, all the way to rockaway. finally, after years and years, there is a reason to visit and stay in brooklyn, thanks to the opening of wythe hotel.

zenden hotel by WAA

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[all images courtesy WAA|photography by jan bitter and joao morgado] found this project while browsing WAA’s portfolio… what a beautiful renovation within the historical context! near the river maas in maastricht, the netherlands, Hotel Zenden originally was just a building contained only one pool for swimming lessons in late 60s. over the years the programs have expanded include hotel rooms, a swimming club and a judo school.

hotel americano

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architecture / travel

if you are looking for a nice hotel in manhattan to stay during your visit , add hotel americano to your radar. designed by TEN arquitectos, hotel americano is the latest addition to  design hotels in NYC. ( they just opened last summer!) it is absolutely the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in manhattan (we still heart ace hotel but sorry hudson hotel…). the interior details were done sophisticatedly, it is almost too perfect to find something we don’t like about this […]

my boutique hotel: la feline blanche

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[all images courtesy la feline blanche] really not much to say but “I WANT TO STAY HEEEERE!” hotel la deline blanche totally meets(exceeds) my criteria of hotel-hunting: the interior style is simple, chic, boutique, and the price is affordable. however, it’s located near mont-blanc(!) not paris. well, a amazing place to stay, but not my destination this time.