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getting close…

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[all photography courtesy of  helt enkelt  by ann-malin] i can’t believe christmas is only two days away! we just picked our christmas tree on thursday night and so far only couple white candles and tea lights on dining table that is giving us a hint of winter/holidays. and if this also counts, we have a string of lights hang on wall, similar to what is shown in first picture. but that’s all we’ve got.

happy lunar new year!

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holiday & celebration

[images source|via] spotted a firecracker in images from ikea’s blog… perfect for the lunar new year theme! + 初一新年快樂! 好想念米媽準備的蘿蔔糕以及拼盤… 通常為了應景我們還是會準備一些基本年菜,例如長年菜(?)魚等等。 可是我通常好像都只吃蘿蔔糕就飽了。 總之, 新的一年希望大家平安健康,發大財~(俗氣了些) 米

styling with nature & color

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[styling krista elvheim|photography inger marie grini] did i mention i received TWO issues of elle decoration at once?? they are november and december issues- and probably two of my favorite issues so far! lots lights and candles, warm and cozy homes… many affordable yet super chic interior inspirations! the above images are from december issue. i like how the magenta (purple?) color been used in this dinning table setting, a very festive atmosphere. plus the […]

yarn and beyond

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[all images via pickles] i never finish one single knitting piece. the scarf that i started 7 winters ago, only half-way knitted, still sits somewhere in my closet, and honestly, i don’t know if i will ever go back to finish it. no, i am so not a knitting person! but hey, who said i can’t love other’s creative knitting, especially from the norwegian pickles? it’s nothing new about how to make your own felt wreath. but this hand-made felt […]


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if the earthy or minimal decoration is not ambitious enough for you, decoration junkies, how about some hint of red? this season if you’re looking for some red-inspired decoration ideas – h&m home might can help you out. from ornaments to kitchen aprons, tea towels to bath towels… many, many red. [all images courtesy h&m home] === finally, it’s weekend!! feel like it was a super long week for me… have a nice weekend! 今天沒有什麼廢話…這星期的工作真的是忙翻了,也沒力氣打太多字。 大家週末開心! ===  

this holiday: wood,paper, silver and gold

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holiday & celebration / lifestyle

[all images courtesy walther&co ] alright, i tried to limit myself only post holiday decoration article once a week – but obviously, i can’t wait until next weekend! so here we go, another holiday decoration inspiration post to share. danish design company walther&co. always brought us the perfect vintage modern style. this year, as usual, many beautiful beautiful(twice) decoration ideas with the combination of wood, paper, silver & gold.

earthy holiday setting

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this beautiful table setting is styled by icelandic stylist olof jakobina. i like the concept by using wood and white to create a instant “winter” atmosphere.   [all above images courtesy olof kakobina| photography by Sigtryggur Ari Jóhannsson] it had been hectic busy at work for couple weeks now…  and i realized blogging some beautiful inspiration here is the best way to find my inner peace!