scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom

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ah. exposed brick walls. certainly there are technical/maintenance aspects to be considered,  (if not whitewashed); and for the rentals, exposed brick walls is often viewed as an real estate ruse to bring some “design” intent to the property (not to say these faux exposed brick wall panels). so here you go, there are actually two types of exposed brick walls included in this property. what do you feel about the exposed brick wall?

the layout of the apartment can be challenging as the unit is at the ground floor next to the street, and, the organization of the rooms  is a linear arrangement from hallway, living room to bedroom/kitchen/bathroom. yet these black frames successfully defined each space without interrupting the visual openness.

truly a thoughtfully curated interior that is rich in characters (love these ceiling bulbs) yet remains its simplicity in color & material palette. this gotta be one of the dream bachelor pad i’d fancy!

scandinavian_new york loft style_entry hall_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_hex tile_wood floor

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom_exposed brick wall

scandinavian_new york loft style_bed room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_ceiling lighting

scandinavian_new york loft style_gray kitchen cabinets

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen tile

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen

scandinavian_new york loft style_bathroom

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and yeah… the ‘new york loft style’ is probably the second next to the exposed brick wall as an overused term in the interior design field. but you get what i mean.

happy sunday!

scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

minimal luxury style: i can move in here

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_kitchen-dining-livingroom.jpgall images courtesy of alexander

talking about “minimal luxury” style. this property from stockholm seems has the best neighbors including shops like tous les jours, dr. mat and superfront(my on-going fancy).

the light wood floor and charcoal gray/gray tone makes a elegant and sophisticated style that is classic and chic. i know, i am just using all the flattering words. and yes, i can move in here without changing anything.

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_kitchen-dining.jpg

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_kitchen-gray cabinets.jpg

leather details accentuated the medium gray cabinets and added a right amount of warmness to this marble-gray combination. oh wait, did i see the marble countertop and back splash?

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_kitchen-marble countertop.jpg

the charcoal gray hex floor tile and glass shower panel. and more marble counter top for the laundry set. no, we will never get tired of having marble counter top.

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_bathroom_hex floor tile

gray_neutral tone scandinavian interior_bedroom.jpg

all images courtesy of alexander

what a fancy unit to day dream about.

minimal luxury style: i can move in here

concrete, wood, and tiles (plus marble)


all images via dezeen

a lovely parisian apartment renovated by paris-based architecture studio septembre has the minimal interior style accentuated with varied flooring materials. all rooms are linked by a corridor through out the full length of the apartment.

my favorite two corners are the kitchen and bathroom.

the concrete flooring in the kitchen with grey cabinets,  marble countertop and backsplash that matches the surface of the dining table.

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concrete, wood, and tiles (plus marble)

the nostalgic mood

the nostalgic mood-vintage swedish apartment_livingroom and kitchen

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a vintage-inspired interior from fantastic frank for our sunday inspiration. couple interesting details in this apartment : hexagonal marble tile for kitchen countertop; painted black wood floor; file cabinet as bed side table (remember i was just talking about the use of file cabinet in this post?).

the old wood shelving, mismatched vintage porcelain diningware and patterned fabric makes a beautiful wabi-sabi home.

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the nostalgic mood

fort green townhouse by elizabeth roberts design

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_hallway_hexagonaltiles

all images courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Design

a beautiful renovation in fort green, brooklyn. the townhouse includes two separate duplex apartments for the two families who purchased the building together. the images shown here is from the upper duplex designed by elizabeth robers design.

i have to admit i am so sold by the combination of wood countertop and marble countertop island in the kitchen, the white oak wood plank floor, and that lovely balcony. 

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_white kitchen_marble countertop

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_kitchen wood plank floor_balcony perforated deck


all images courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Design

you can read the project description on designer’s page.

fort green townhouse by elizabeth roberts design

spring gold rush

spring gold rush_scandinavian interior_bedroom posters

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ridiculously gorgeous apartment from stockholm, sweden. all rooms including living room, kitchen, bedroom AND bathroom (brass utility pipe! hexagonal tile!)- every details down to hardware selection are so well coordinated… what else?

i can move in here.

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spring gold rush