scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom

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ah. exposed brick walls. certainly there are technical/maintenance aspects to be considered,  (if not whitewashed); and for the rentals, exposed brick walls is often viewed as an real estate ruse to bring some “design” intent to the property (not to say these faux exposed brick wall panels). so here you go, there are actually two types of exposed brick walls included in this property. what do you feel about the exposed brick wall?

the layout of the apartment can be challenging as the unit is at the ground floor next to the street, and, the organization of the rooms  is a linear arrangement from hallway, living room to bedroom/kitchen/bathroom. yet these black frames successfully defined each space without interrupting the visual openness.

truly a thoughtfully curated interior that is rich in characters (love these ceiling bulbs) yet remains its simplicity in color & material palette. this gotta be one of the dream bachelor pad i’d fancy!

scandinavian_new york loft style_entry hall_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_hex tile_wood floor

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom_exposed brick wall

scandinavian_new york loft style_bed room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_ceiling lighting

scandinavian_new york loft style_gray kitchen cabinets

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen tile

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen

scandinavian_new york loft style_bathroom

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and yeah… the ‘new york loft style’ is probably the second next to the exposed brick wall as an overused term in the interior design field. but you get what i mean.

happy sunday!

scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

floating sideboards, again

IKEA kitchen wall unit with marble top

image source unknown

six months passed and we still haven’t settled on the sideboard solution in our house, nor have we started the long over-due renovation… anyway, speaking of patience.

while we’re still open for the hallway solution, here i am self affirmed that i would really looove to have a minimal look of sideboards in our living room-also-part-of-hallway. my top choice is still this IKEA hack shown in the above image : kitchen wall units with marble top.

✚ and of course, this no-hack needed simple white floating sideboard is even better…

hallway white floating sideboards_2

hallway white floating sideboards_1

images courtesy of alvhem

minimal and beautiful.

i am so looking forward to having this sideboards thing done!

floating sideboards, again

it’s time for white, officially

scandinavian white interior_living room

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a cozy interior with lots white just in time for summer.

my favorite corner is the living room with the string shelving system along the hallway. plus you can’t go wrong with the light wood floor.

+ paris poster from studio esinam

scandinavian white interior_black board

scandinavian white interior_living room_light grey

scandinavian white interior_living room_light wood floor

scandinavian white interior_hallway_string shelving system

scandinavian white interior_hallway

scandinavian white interior_kitchen

scandinavian white interior_bedroom

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it’s time for white, officially

the apartment with RAL 4010 pink corner

RAL 401_scandinavian_kitchen_3
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remember the hot pink RAL4010 in the corner of kitchen, belongs to norwegian blogger vigdis | jeg er jonathan…? vigdis and her husband are actually building their new house and therefore this much loved apartment is now on the market for sale!

you can check out more real-life photos on her blog. here is the commercial-version…

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the apartment with RAL 4010 pink corner

harness leather belts hanging rail

brass rod with harness leather belts_kitchen rack all images via

using the rod suspends from harness leather belts mounted to the ceiling as clothing rack has been a very popular DIY item since fermliving released their brilliant design… yet i haven’t seen the example to use the application in kitchen, which as you see here, the result is surprisingly practical – and it makes a stylish upgrade to the space.

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harness leather belts hanging rail

modern folk style

swedish_bohemian_interior_vintage stool

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the folk motifs may be mostly associated to the hunting country cabin style… no no no. here i want to show you a cozy apartment that are mixed of folk style textile, vintage luggage, barn wood stool… AND it still looks crisp and modern!

not too surprising, close to the fire place is automatically entered to be my favorite corner in the house.

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modern folk style

black friday


black_watercolor_dry pestel_smam[all images courtesy of smä ]


i personally really don’t like the idea of consumerism. unfortunately, it is part of the culture rooted deep in US. and if you’re living in US, you know what black friday means… so, instead of another “holiday gift shopping guide” that every design blogs (and non-design blogs) are doing right now, i would like to share some inspirational images involved color black. so yeah, it’s black friday, in michitecture’s way.

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black friday