oh, october


images via alvhem.com

it is hard to believe we’re now arriving at the month of october, the last quarter of 2016. didn’t we just pop the champagne and say hello to 2016?? crazy. and i am so excited to finally have some time to be back to the blogsphere.

here is a gorgeous apartment for sale (and sold!) from goteborg, sweden. subway tile with darker grout creates a sharper definition in this very light tone kitchen… and that white and gold hardware  combination is just so irresistibly good.





interior_living room_floating sideboards.jpg




✚ spotted this handy shoe storage ‘trines’ by ikea. the volume of black has a perfect weight in this mostly white interior…


images via alvhem.com

simply beautiful.

oh, october

floating sideboards in living room

white sideboards with wood top in living room_1

image via  stadshem.se

alright, today’s post is more like a to-do list of 2015 : the floating sideboards in living room. we’ve been talking about installing our own for few years and i think this is the year we’re going to really do it.

couple lovely inspirations:

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floating sideboards in living room