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frame it with black

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interior / vintage modern

all images courtesy of fantastic happy monday! we finally have our new front windows & door installed…! yay and yay! the black frame windows and solid black door look really amazing with the original brick wall and the marble lintel and stoops. to celebrate this milestone of our first home improvement, today’s post is all about interior (steel) black frame window/door. all images courtesy of fantastic when in doubt, frame it with black. (and you know […]

black, marble and brass, plus the book by tham & videgard arkitekter

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book + magazine / interior

all images via fantastic i am having two subjects in one post today. remember the virtual monday post? that’s right, the realization of the project looks JUST LIKE the rendering, in good way! the marble countertop/backsplash with brass trim, framed by black cabinets with brass hardwares… minimal yet rich in materiality, michitecture’s #1 design mantra. and remember the atrium house by tham & videgård arkitekter featured back in 2012?  stockholm-based architecture office TVARK’s book looks perfect in one of the HG7 […]

fantastic sunday

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interior / lifestyle / scandinavian design

[all images courtesy fantastic frank] hello hello! finally i am able to get back to the blogsphere after two weeks of blogging-free! i actually didn’t go anywhere (e.g. paris getaway) but have been really busy at work and outside work… plus a bad cold… all the assorted agenda made it harder to pick between blog and rest when i had some spared time… and i chose the later.