scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom

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ah. exposed brick walls. certainly there are technical/maintenance aspects to be considered,  (if not whitewashed); and for the rentals, exposed brick walls is often viewed as an real estate ruse to bring some “design” intent to the property (not to say these faux exposed brick wall panels). so here you go, there are actually two types of exposed brick walls included in this property. what do you feel about the exposed brick wall?

the layout of the apartment can be challenging as the unit is at the ground floor next to the street, and, the organization of the rooms  is a linear arrangement from hallway, living room to bedroom/kitchen/bathroom. yet these black frames successfully defined each space without interrupting the visual openness.

truly a thoughtfully curated interior that is rich in characters (love these ceiling bulbs) yet remains its simplicity in color & material palette. this gotta be one of the dream bachelor pad i’d fancy!

scandinavian_new york loft style_entry hall_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_hex tile_wood floor

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style

scandinavian_new york loft style_living room

scandinavian_new york loft style_bedroom_exposed brick wall

scandinavian_new york loft style_bed room_2

scandinavian_new york loft style_ceiling lighting

scandinavian_new york loft style_gray kitchen cabinets

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen tile

scandinavian_new york loft style_kitchen

scandinavian_new york loft style_bathroom

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and yeah… the ‘new york loft style’ is probably the second next to the exposed brick wall as an overused term in the interior design field. but you get what i mean.

happy sunday!

scratch that, fancy this: new york loft style grownup bachelor pad

patch cafe by studio you me


all images courtesy of studio you me

patch cafe, designed by studio you me is that kind of cafe you dream to own one day. the interior style is intimate, inviting, with little touch of industrial taste. love the contemporary yet playful atmosphere created by exposing original brick wall, pair with concrete floor and polished marble station.







all images courtesy of studio you me

don’t forget to check out studio you me‘s website for more lovely inspiration!

patch cafe by studio you me

i can move in here: simply a gorgeous apartment

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_1
all images courtesy of | photos by jonas berg

as title indicated, this is simply a gorgeous two bedroom apartment from göteborg, sweden, that i would LOVE to move in. besides the beautiful interior & spacious layout, the neighborhood is equally beautiful as well. the play of shades of gray from furniture to textile makes a very elegant & stylish interior that is crisp but still keep the warm feeling. and i like the fact that this apartment has a nicely done kitchen and the rest of rooms are still remaining more like a white canvas… it is a flexible space to be adopted to our lifestyle.

no seriously, i can totally move in here tomorrow.

here are some of my favorite corners:

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i can move in here: simply a gorgeous apartment

industrial chic

vintage modern_malmo_industrial cage light_wood dining table
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the title of this post is a bit lack of creativity, and probably i used hundred times before – and i am using it again.

a nice subtle industrial styling in this apartment from malmö, sweden. the vintage wood crates, pendant cage light, exposed brick wall… it has been done so much that we almost don’t need to see another new restaurant with “industrial twist”. however- if you done it right, the ‘industrial chic’ can still be something refreshing. a safe way to start is to mix with scandinavian style: more white, less exposed brick wall.

we’ve seen the harness leather belts hanging rail, and this time… chain wooden bar hanging rail. i once again realized ‘cheesy’ and ‘chic’ can be this close – all up to the context and execution. ( hint: google “chain-wooden-bar-hanging-rail”… no inspiring result can be found)

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industrial chic

blogger Åsa Myrberg’s summer cottage

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_living room
all images via skonahem

it is the season makes you fancy about summer cottage/lodge in sunday afternoon… wherever close to the lake/shore/ocean kind of place (and wherever away from the city). this summer cottage located on Ekerö (a municipality in stockholm county in east central sweden) is featured on the cover of current issue of skonahem magazine. belongs to the blogger asa myrberg (lots DIY projects in her house), the interior style is easy and relatable, which is why i like about it SO MUCH.

oh summer.

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blogger Åsa Myrberg’s summer cottage


image via one nordic furniture company

the painted white exposed brick wall, a comfy bed with couple good pillows are pretty much all i need for this long weekend. i never thought of catch up sleep with no alarm set up could be this luxurious.

hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful memorial day weekend!

if you’re looking for no screws, no tools and no manuals are needed for the assembly kind of furniture – but not IKEA – check out helsinki-based ONE NORDIC.


a loft in pearl district, portland

NW 13th Avenue Loft_portland_JHID_kitchen

[all images courtesy of jhinteriordesign]

if you’re also living in the east coast, i am sure we’re all thinking about same thing this morning: we’re ready to say good-bye to this endless snow/winter! yes yes, i hear you. what about kick off the weekend with some earthiness and warmness?

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a loft in pearl district, portland