oh, october


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it is hard to believe we’re now arriving at the month of october, the last quarter of 2016. didn’t we just pop the champagne and say hello to 2016?? crazy. and i am so excited to finally have some time to be back to the blogsphere.

here is a gorgeous apartment for sale (and sold!) from goteborg, sweden. subway tile with darker grout creates a sharper definition in this very light tone kitchen… and that white and gold hardware  combination is just so irresistibly good.





interior_living room_floating sideboards.jpg




✚ spotted this handy shoe storage ‘trines’ by ikea. the volume of black has a perfect weight in this mostly white interior…


images via alvhem.com

simply beautiful.

oh, october

our ultimate dream holiday home is here

east hampton_dream holiday home_black exterior

all images via eclecticool.es

designed by new york-based australian architect amee allsop, i have to admit this super luxurious summer residence from amagansett (east hampton), new york, would be too big for two of us to spend over the holiday. but still, it would be nice to stay in this gorgeous house for couple days: wake up being surrounded by woods and lots of natural sunlight, enjoy the morning shower in one of these chic bathrooms, take your paddle board to the ocean and paddle away the afternoon…

totally ridiculous and absolutely unrealistic? apparently we might all have a chance to experience this for real! the australian owner has this vision to not only have the place for her summer residence, but also as a place to host yoga retreat & cooking workshop. check out the tree house retreat for more information.

before the 2015 event calendar released, here is a virtual house tour for you:

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our ultimate dream holiday home is here

arco contemporary furniture

via http://www.design.nl/home/, it is how i explored the dutch design company arcowith living and working two lines under arco, their design is always playful, functional, and original.

Pivot by Shay Alkalay for Arco

[ all images courtesy arco
arco來自荷蘭,旗下擁有living 以及working兩線,來自不同的設計師所創造的傢具,從居家沙發到辦公室桌子,style傾向簡單可是人性化( 人性化這三個字應該可以算是我這個blog的關鍵字了吧… )。像是這個由 Miriam van der Lubbe設計,名為code,由solid maple(楓木)搭配類似條碼(barcode) 的walnut(核桃木),或者反之是american walnut搭配stripes of maple。

code by miriam van der lubbe
[ all images courtesy arco ] 
感覺像是咖啡加了牛奶一樣,濃濃的,好想咬一口!(應該只有我這樣子任性覺得) 座椅不對稱的凹陷讓方方正正的座椅增加了一點視覺上的豐富( visual texture) 以及使用上的可能性…(坐在凹下去的地方,茶杯可以放在平坦的另一邊啊 )
Side by Side ( by  Karel Boonzaaijer / Dick Spierenburg )
[ all images courtesy arco ] 

TRE ( by Jonas Trampedach  )

[ all images courtesy arco ] 
2010年cologne furniture fair,更多的荷蘭傢具可以來這裡看http://www.thedutchcorner.nl/2010/

arco contemporary furniture