earthy & cozy

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all images courtesy of fantastic

love the simple material palette and the earthy tone that creates this cozy home interior.

and look at the size of window/doors… natural sunlight definitely makes any space better without much effort needed.

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earthy tone_scandinavian home_bed.jpg

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all images courtesy of fantastic

and speaking our love for brass — the brass suspension lamp in any room just never fails. ( menu version has been one of my favorites so far)

earthy & cozy

about gray, brass, and marble…





images courtesy of fantastic




styled by emma Fischer for Bjurfors Göteborg

two very different settings of kitchen using same color & material palette: brass hardware, gray cabinets and marble countertop, and both kitchens look amazingly chic. love the simplicity and the accent of brass hardware.

white vs. black, which one is more of your type?

about gray, brass, and marble…

made in USA: schoolhouse

schoolhouse_isaac pendant_2

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

founded by brian faherty in 2003 following his discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade moulds in an abandoned warehouse, schoolhouse has every ingredients the creative makers believe in: the preservation of american manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design.

+isaac pendant+

i’ve been eyeing this issac pendant for a while. the minimal look of scandinavian-meets-vintage would be perfect for our second floor hallway. the isaac pendant is part of the Schoolhouse Electric Original, handcrafted in the portland factory.

+brass hardware+

they also have the solid brass cabinet knobs & drawer pulls handcrafted in the USA from 95% recycled brass. simply beautiful.

schoolhouse_brass knobs

schoolhouse_brass hex nob

+ SECO Marble Board +

marble and brass are always good together. marble is from vermont… also beautifully made in USA.

schoolhouse_SECO marble board

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

definitely checkout schoolhouse if you’re looking for the next generation of heirlooms.

made in USA: schoolhouse

simplify by groupwork

groupworkstudio__bathroom fittings_104
all images courtesy of groupwork

part of ‘The Other Hemisphere‘ exhibition this year, the project team includes Melbourne architect Murray Barker, artist Esther Stewart and Groupwork director and interior architect Sarah Trotter. the result is collection of objects that are exceptionally easy to install, to use and to modify.

beyond the aesthetic achievement (which is absolutely stunning in its minimal expression), some thoughtful sustainable aspect are worth to mention: ” materials all have been reclaimed for this prototype, with brass salvaged from yards, timber from workshops and recycled melbourne bluestone. all objects have been made in melbourne within a 15km radius of where they were designed.

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simplify by groupwork

some black & gold from the line

Andrianna Shamaris Black:White Petrified Wood pieces

soho greene street_NYC
all images via THE LINE

” Built to last but never boring, these objects are a mix of established favorites and our latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home, and beauty. What unites these quintessential things is their staying power, the intention of their making, and how they work together in the context of a carefully considered life. ” – the line

new york-based THE LINE probably has the most current & wanted collections from fashion to design objects for home. ( i was totally sold when i saw they have the common project sneaker)

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some black & gold from the line

sunday mix : craftsmanship


things i miss the most about tokyo is the access to so many incredible, high crafted home goods. you can walk into a department stores or lifestyle shops (zakka) and easily find many good design that you want to bring home. i am glad that i made my choice quickly and brought some of them home – including the azmaya chopstick rest : the design is modern, minimal, with high artisen quality.  ( and i am still thinking about this amazing brass handle butter knife with wooden case )

today’s mix is about craftsmanship, including a good cup of cappuccino.

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sunday mix : craftsmanship

sunday mix

sunday-mix_1it is really just one of these little moments that make you feel grateful and truly happy, in my case, enjoy a simple & relaxing sunday breakfast with my family (J it is you). enjoy the small happiness. something i am trying to remember whenever work on my hands are getting overwhelming. don’t let them bring you down and forget about all other great things that you could enjoy.

here are some design that associate with wood, brass, leather, and oxidation. something new and something vintage. things that somehow can go along well in one space… i think.

 oji & design x futagami

Oji Masanori_ FUTA2014Cutlery

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sunday mix