about gray, brass, and marble…





images courtesy of fantastic frank.se




styled by emma Fischer for Bjurfors Göteborg

two very different settings of kitchen using same color & material palette: brass hardware, gray cabinets and marble countertop, and both kitchens look amazingly chic. love the simplicity and the accent of brass hardware.

white vs. black, which one is more of your type?

about gray, brass, and marble…

the coming back of wall paper

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_living room_wall paper
all images via alvhemmakleri.se

here comes july!

simple layout with gorgeous big windows & fancy balcony in this apartment from göteborg somehow reminds me more like a summer getaway pad. the white and gray is such a tried-and-true golden combination, they keep your interior year-round appropriate. additionally there are three different kinds of wall paper  introduced in this two bed room apartment, which, surprisingly, create a playful moment without clashing each other.

as a side note and not really relate to the subject: göteborg is definitely on my list if i ever get to visit sweden.

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the coming back of wall paper

graphic with a feminine twist

altfordamerne.dk_gray rug[all images courtesy of alt for damerne.dk]

happy monday, and happy july! oh yeh, JULY. isn’t it hard to believe half of the 2013 has gone? from month to month time seem pass by even faster when you don’t update blog on daily basis…

anyway, today we’re talking about gray. white wall is the best. but sometimes a little bit shade of gray can warm up or highlight the room. the owner of this 160 square meter, 6 rooms apartment in copenhagan, keep the surface and furniture neutral and let the details speak of who they are.

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graphic with a feminine twist

vintage modern 101: something rusty

vintage modern 101: the rusty

[all photography by mikkel adsbøl|courtesy kml design ]

i mentioned Katrine Martensen-Larsen’s beautiful work while back.(click here to see my previous post) she always brings a perfect touch of rusty, vintage to the new home. today i would like to share another example of how to give your home a vintage modern look.

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vintage modern 101: something rusty