gray and concrete, scandinavian way




all images courtesy of fantastic

a small studio apartment from stockholm, sweden. this bedroom-living room-dining room is very compact – but have a great collection of minimalism goodies.

✚ JWDA concrete lamp by MENU


✚ gray clamp tray by NAVET


✚ cylinder wood by present & correct (probably not the exact same one as shown in the image but this set is equally awesome)

Wood Geometric Model Set_present & correct.jpg


gray and concrete, scandinavian way

made in USA: schoolhouse

schoolhouse_isaac pendant_2

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

founded by brian faherty in 2003 following his discovery of a long-lost collection of cast-iron glass shade moulds in an abandoned warehouse, schoolhouse has every ingredients the creative makers believe in: the preservation of american manufacturing, thoughtful living and purposeful design.

+isaac pendant+

i’ve been eyeing this issac pendant for a while. the minimal look of scandinavian-meets-vintage would be perfect for our second floor hallway. the isaac pendant is part of the Schoolhouse Electric Original, handcrafted in the portland factory.

+brass hardware+

they also have the solid brass cabinet knobs & drawer pulls handcrafted in the USA from 95% recycled brass. simply beautiful.

schoolhouse_brass knobs

schoolhouse_brass hex nob

+ SECO Marble Board +

marble and brass are always good together. marble is from vermont… also beautifully made in USA.

schoolhouse_SECO marble board

all images courtesy of schoolhouse

definitely checkout schoolhouse if you’re looking for the next generation of heirlooms.

made in USA: schoolhouse

vol2. minimalism & sneakers


images via rag & bone | common projects | net-a-porter

the spring weather in philly has been pretty inconsistent so far: you may have a super beautiful 70s day on friday and then here comes a gloomy 50s raining day over the weekend. hello mr. spring!

i am so looking forward to having a consistent 70s at least three days in a row (am i asking too much?) so i can finally put on white sneakers.


vol2. minimalism & sneakers

in the mood of some major cooking inspo

roasted broccoli & cranberry salad_love and lemons

all images courtesy of love & lemons

we’re kind of folks who always have greens like broccoli, kale, brussel sprout, and beets in the refrigerator. as there are many online recipe in relates to preparing these super food, jeanine’s blog love & lemons has became one of my favorite go-to when in need of cooking inspiration. reason number one: she knows how to prepare food in a simple and modern way. 

and hey, if you don’t like brussel sprouts, austin-based jeanine has many other amazing recipe including taco, of course! you should definitely check it out.

some of my recent obssession:

(above image) ✚ roasted broccoli & cranberry salad (recipe here)

✚ match kale & peach smoothies (recipe here)

matcha kale & peach smoothies_love and lemons

✚ pappardelle with kale pesto (recipe here)

pappardelle with kale pesto_love and lemons

✚ pappardelle with kale pesto (recipe here)

romanesco chickpea salad_love and lemons

✚ rigatoni with figs & brussels sprouts (recipe here)

rigatoni with figs & brussels sprouts_love and lemons

all images courtesy of love & lemons

in the mood of some major cooking inspo

the ultimate before and after: bedroom makeover by avenue lifestyle

holly marder_avenue lifestyle_bedroom renovation_bedside stand with marble top_round

all images courtesy of avenue lifestyle

the before/after photos always offer a such predictable ‘wow’ moment in every renovation projects, and this is one of the “wow, no way” that you need to see it to believe it. neatherlands-bsed holly marder, author of avenue lifestyle has done such a AMAZING job renovated their bedroom from a truly horrible room to a dream bedroom that you thought only can be found in glossy magazine pages.

this is a perfect example to showcase how powerful a white paint can transform your room from dark and sad to bright and cheerful! as we here in michitecture always said, when in doubt, paint it white.”

here are couple selective images of the “after”:

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the ultimate before and after: bedroom makeover by avenue lifestyle

fort green townhouse by elizabeth roberts design

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_hallway_hexagonaltiles

all images courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Design

a beautiful renovation in fort green, brooklyn. the townhouse includes two separate duplex apartments for the two families who purchased the building together. the images shown here is from the upper duplex designed by elizabeth robers design.

i have to admit i am so sold by the combination of wood countertop and marble countertop island in the kitchen, the white oak wood plank floor, and that lovely balcony. 

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_white kitchen_marble countertop

fort greene townhouse by ensemble architecture_dpc_kitchen wood plank floor_balcony perforated deck


all images courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts Design

you can read the project description on designer’s page.

fort green townhouse by elizabeth roberts design