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about our reno & etc.

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so here is the post to myself. something i’d really like to do more on michitecture is to have more original contents and sources & references. there are so many ideas and topics i’d love to organize and post and… you know, i just didn’t follow through. we really love our white-on-white penny tiles in the bathroom and kitchen floor! these nemo tiles are just gorgeous. we are very happy about our decision to go […]

monday reno-inspo: gallery kitchen

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image via est living our home renovation is totally behind the schedule (somehow we are not surprised?), and i really, really cannot wait to the day when everything is done done. i miss the days of making saturday morning breakfast without needing to going in/out through the plastic sheeting… well, you know. definitely we’ll be so proud of ourselves when this renovation is done. spotted this beautiful kitchen with some impossibly beautiful details and ample […]

happy happy birthday

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… to my dearest mom!! actually her birthday WAS on the 13th, and the card didn’t get mailed until two days passed her birthday (oops). since the card is on its way to taiwan right the moment, i figure this post shouldn’t spoil her surprise. ( which i am also hoping she won’t check the blog before the card arrives) + the rabbit graphic was simply inspired by her zodiac year + lovely cotton twine […]


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found my baby FM10 behind the unused text books while doing some house clean-up. you might wonder what is FM10? well i actually thought this is just a very basic, entry level manual camera that nikon manufactured. but sadly, according to wikipedia, this model was created for developing countries in south and east asia as a more affordable alternative compare to other professional manual cameras.

ps i made this

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new year revolution one : cookies baking! seriously, i’ve never thought one day i will bake cookies from scratch… it just doesn’t seem something i would do when i have spared time. but never say never. i gave it a try this weekend and the whole process was much easier than i anticipated, plus – they are m-m-m good!! you can check out the official recipe here but this was how i prepared them. no blending machine […]