dream project: akee brygge waterfront promenade by LINK Landskap


all images via landezine| photos © Tomasz Majewski

i just realized my last dream project was posted back in 2013… it is about time to continue the dream project series!

part of a multi-stage redevelopment along the post-industrial waterfront in oslo, norway, Link Landskap has transformed the former shipyard into a vibrant urban neighbourhood and re-connect oslo to its forgotten waterfront with spectacular view. the simple layout of promenade with cheerful street furniture (the bright orange color is inspired by the former oslo maritime history) is intended to encourage social interaction and increase flexibility for spontaneous and un-planned activities.

my favorite design detail is the non-directional, carpet-like granite paving pattern in shades of gray. the patterns seem irregular but actually are arranged in three modules based on pedestrian, vehicular and shared traffic zones.

the outcome is a visually dynamic and  integrated ground plane that unifies the waterfront edge and blends the boundary between commercial facade and natural landscape.

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dream project: akee brygge waterfront promenade by LINK Landskap

sunday mix: some latest from highline


welcome to highline, again! we managed to visit the highline in a beautiful weather weekend – saturday (noon) and sunday (noon), twice. the planting are so thriving that at some areas you could totally forget you’re walking on a elevated park!

what to stream: check out the documentary urbanized (2011) where the project is discussed from the city, community, and design team’s perspective.

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sunday mix: some latest from highline

le chemin qui marche lookout by IBI group

Chemin-Qui-Marche Lookout_montreal_wood bench_railwayall images via domus.it | photo: Alexis Nollet

like the highline in new york, le chemin-qui-marche ( translate: ‘path that walks‘ ) lookout is a express of its industrial past and a representation of the history on site. with the reurbanization next to the project site, this elevated boardwalk ( think of green roof installed over existing concrete slab ) not only offers stunning panoramic views to the river, it reintroduces the sustainable practice ( native plants that require minimal or no irrigation; locally sources matierials ) and creates a flexible meeting place for people to rest, stroll, and re-discover the history of montreal.

my favorite part is its minimal design with essential elements that makes this lookout as part of the city grid extension and also becomes a destination.

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le chemin qui marche lookout by IBI group

selected projects by robin winogrond landschaftsarchitekten


[all images courtesy of robin winogrond Landschaftsarchitekten ]

today we’re going outdoor! via landezine i’m introduced to the zurich-based landscape architecture office robin winogrond Landschaftsarchitekten. how could you not obsess about that subtle compound geometry? the design is so minimal, elegant, and i will say timeless since this project was completed back in 2004 (and it still looks so fresh!).

i decided to share this project again on michitecture, with some other selected projects from their office as well. this is also a good opportunity to make sure you folks understand the differences between landscape architecture and landscaping… which are totally two different professions.

and yes, here we’re talking about landscape architecture.

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selected projects by robin winogrond landschaftsarchitekten

place de la république by TVK

place de la Republique_paris_usage diagram

[image © TVK architectes urbanistes]

while browsing JML (water feature design)’s portfolio for the precedent images at work, i realized they’re also the consultant behind the beautiful reflecting pool design at the recent renovated place de la république in paris. and that reminds me i still have this draft in the queue… so, monday, today is the day to share.

led by architects TVK, the big decision is to eliminate the traffic circle and bring back a two hectare size of flexible open space that can accommodate different groups, varied size of activities, from day to night, all year round. the super awesome diagram shown above is the illustration of usage. wouldn’t it be a great poster?

here is the project description from the architects:

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place de la république by TVK

roof terrace on kitte maru-no-uchi


incorporated parts of the 1933 tokyo central post office building, kitte, right across the recent face-lifted tokyo station, has transformed into a place where stores and restaurants are all with a focus on japanese aesthetics and cuisine.


besides the claska design store, nakagawa masashichi shoten(中川政七商店) , muji to-go, and many other lifestyle stores… the terrace on 6th floor is a hidden gem that you should check out as well. here you can have a quite amazing view (if high-rise buildings is something not very typical cityscape to you). yet to me the design of the terrace is the main reason of visit.

working in a design/construction field, these well constructed lawn panels, LED railing/curb edging and wood boardwalk are more impressive than the view to skyscrapers.

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roof terrace on kitte maru-no-uchi

a late summer visit to storm king art center


happy october! before the autumn season reaches its full swing, i have to share our recent visit to the storm king art center  in new windsor, NY. in fact i was surprised (and a bit embarrassed) as a landscape architect how could it be my first time visit after been living in philly for 11 plus years… well, sometimes it is not as easy as it may sound to find a perfect day for a field trip to where is only 2.5 hours away by car.

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a late summer visit to storm king art center

tree tagging


+ tree tagging in feeney’s, new hope, pa

i still can’t believe how nice the weather is today. not only breezy all the time- there is NO humidity. none. consider the weather we had in the past couple days – awfully hot and sticky – today is like a total blessing. even though it was pretty muddy in the tree area (i believe it is from the crazy storm we had three nights ago), this is definitely better than doing tree tagging in one of these unbearable hot days.

a quick profile of betula nigra ‘dura-heat’:

+ attracts birds, butterflies

+ deer resistant,

+ fall color (butter-yellow) / year-round interest

+ native to north american

+ waterwise (good tolerance to summer heat)

tree tagging