ticking ticking clock

schoolhouse_1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock.jpg

1960s IBM Standard Issue Clock by schoolhouse

toddlers have all the time in the world. and we never seem to have enough. as we’re trying to help our little bean developing the sense of time, showing the numbers on the clock seem to be a reasonable start point. i imagine by pointing the numbers it will help our little bean to visualize the time, in some way. then i realized having a wall clock for home was never on my wish list. we’ve been heavily relying on our iPhones and watches, and the one alarm clock in our bedroom. there doesn’t seem a  need to have a wall clock… unless with an educational purpose.

my favorite go-to, schoolhouse, sure has the clock that will fit perfectly in our living room and the educational purpose of ‘showing numbers’. the price is a bit $$$$, but considering it is made in USA – hand-assembled – i am sure the quality will speak for itself.

i also came across CLOCKSICLE, an australian clock design shop where you can find kid’s clocks with good style and affordable price.


after all, i find this is a very tricky timing as we’re in the midst of home renovation and i will probably wait until everything is done (seriously) before i can hang the clock in our living room. and oh, there is a living room coffee table we’ve been talking about in lieu of our current trunk case coffee table.

… i know, speaking of wish list.






ticking ticking clock

foiled prints by tom pigeon

tom pigeon_luna dusk_foiled print
tom pigeon_sol dusk_foiled print_full

all images courtesy of tom pigeon

current obsession: fife-based scottish design studio tom pigeon‘s  foiled prints. minimal graphic with lux foil touch ( and hand printed in UK)… as the designers described “a nod to glamorous 80’s beach parties”.

oh yeah, summer days.

tom pigeon_sol dusk_foiled print
all images courtesy of tom pigeon
more awesome prints like this and this on their webshop.

foiled prints by tom pigeon

minimal 2016 calendar (and weekday carnival is back!)

The Minimalistic calendar_2The Minimalistic Calendar 3

images courtesy of  weekday carnival 

i am so excited to find out the very awesome weekday carnival is back to the blogsphere!

images shown here is the 2016 minimalistic calendar designed by riikka. i love how minimal it is yet have good balance of white space where you can write down notes for each day.

check out her shop RK DESIGN for more original & refreshing design like this… and definitely stop by her blog where you can always find amazing diy projects!

minimal 2016 calendar (and weekday carnival is back!)

surprisingly good find in a unusual place: plus sign sheet set


sometimes you just cannot judge the book by its cover. i randomly found this super sweet sheet set while browsing other house-supply-related items on target’s website.

we definitely don’t want to over-do it since there are quite a good collection of cross-mark textile in our house already, including pia wallen blanket, changing pad cover from mod fox, muslin swaddle blanket from modern burlap, and slippers we got in tokyo (also found in a unexpected corner in the department store). and this sheet set just solved our concern. the graphic is very minimal & subtle, it won’t clash with other similar cross-mark design in our house. plus the price tag is very affordable compare to other designer-brand bedding. AND the quality is quite nice as well. to the lover of plus-sign design, this sheet set is just too perfect!

it is just too surprisingly good that we wish we discover this product earlier.

if you’re going to order online, don’t get discouraged(?) & confused when you first click this link. yes, other pattern&color design in this series make this plus sign sheet set seem so out-of-place. just select the ‘plus print’ in color and you’re good to go!

Room Essentials Easy Care Sheet Set_black plus on white print

image courtesy of target

surprisingly good find in a unusual place: plus sign sheet set

something new in the house : prints from hammade


we recently bought two prints from hammade and finally we got them framed and up on the wall in a beautiful spring weekend afternoon! don’t you agree the design is just simply awesome? even there are stacks of diaper next to the poster, the skip jumping rabbit totally pulls it off and remains cool.

if you’re looking for a minimal, stylish, and playful poster that is hand-made (screen printed) and unique, with high design quality and reasonable price, london-based hammade would be your go-to. plus, the shipping is reliable & fast, and each poster came in a super stylish package: black cardboard tube with brown paper sticker (wait to see the wrapping paper inside!).

to a sucker for packaging like me it was almost too nice to open.



✚  superhero rabbit


✚  ski jumping rabbit


after the successful poster purchase, now i am waiting to have these two mugs back in stock:



oh, some side notes for the first image:

✚ frame is from IKEA. nothing fancy, but it works just fine and fits the 50x70cm poster perfect.

✚ changing pad cover from mod fox : okay, chaining pad cover is not something that everyone would need, but if at some point you’re looking for nice quality (hand-made) modern design changing pad cover (or baby bedding)… check out mod fox on etsy!

something new in the house : prints from hammade

cross desktop wallpaper (free download!) by cotton & flax


image courtesy of design love fest

if you’re like me who has that weak spot for anything pia wallen-cross design : this lovely wallpaper designed by cotton & flax is FREE to download via design love fest. the hand-drawn stroke makes this cross design even better than many other similar ones you can find in the market.

besides this awesome wallpaper design, LA-based cotton & flax have many other handmade textile modern home goodies from the shop that are quickly added to michitecture’s HOME GOODS wish list…

✚ black chambray plus tea towel (SOLD OUT)

cotton and flax_Black Chambray Plus Tea Towel_gray

cotton and flax_Black Chambray Plus Tea Towel

✚ navy blue plus pillow

cotton and flax_Navy Blue Plus Pillow

✚ charcoal triangle coasters

cotton and flax_Charcoal Triangle Coasters

cottona dn flax_Charcoal Triangle Coasters

images courtesy of cotton & flax

happy monday!

cross desktop wallpaper (free download!) by cotton & flax


image via one nordic furniture company

the painted white exposed brick wall, a comfy bed with couple good pillows are pretty much all i need for this long weekend. i never thought of catch up sleep with no alarm set up could be this luxurious.

hope you’re all enjoying a beautiful memorial day weekend!

if you’re looking for no screws, no tools and no manuals are needed for the assembly kind of furniture – but not IKEA – check out helsinki-based ONE NORDIC.