about millennial pink…


via fantastic frank.se

recently i’ve came across a lot of similar hue of pink that is very soft and pale. from wrapping paper, to book cover, to sneakers/sweatshirts… to water bottle. later on i learned from my millennial colleague that this pink is the ever popular millennial pink.

hmm. not fair. this is a such elegant and chic pink. i don’t even want to google what “80s pink” looks like.

common projects pink sneaker.jpg

via common projects


bkr water bottle_ Tutu-1L.jpg

tutu water bottle via bkr

acne studio amina collapsible heel leather loafers.jpg

acne studio leather loafers via net-a-porter

Pastel Pink Albion Mini Tote.png

pastel pink albion mini tote via sophie hulme (…sold out!)


as much as i love the gray-white-black color palette… i am really obsessed about this pastel pink. such a calming and cheerful color (? can these two characters co-exist).

what is your millennial pink?

about millennial pink…

the cool blue

vince_Luxe Linen Pull-On Trousers

this must be the most IT blue this summer season. now with the discovery of the blue pigment that could help to cool off the building – the vibrant blue will not only be spotted from runway but even to the building rooftops!

+YinMn Blue+


image courtesy of Oregon State University

a bright blue pigment discovered in 2009 by OSU chemists which has high solar reflectance indicates that this ‘cool pigment’ could be used in a variety of exterior applications by reducing surface temperatures, cooling costs, and energy consumption. as a result of this testing, Shepherd Color Co. has licensed the patent for commercialization efforts.

learn more about this vibrant blue – “YinMn blue” – here.

+ capri blue by vince +

vince has launched couple styles with this “capri” blue. after all it is by vince. everything stay cool and minimal, including the colors. nothing too screaming.

vince_capri blue top

+icebergs by JCFO+

that blue. the icebergs installation is part of the annual summer block party series, opens from July 2 – September 5 at the national building museum in washington dc. learn more about the installation, here.

for a while i’ve been referring this bright blue as field operations blue. now officially i can call it the YinMn blue!


image via washingtonian| photography by Evy Mages

happy blue sunday =)

the cool blue

vol2. minimalism & sneakers


images via rag & bone | common projects | net-a-porter

the spring weather in philly has been pretty inconsistent so far: you may have a super beautiful 70s day on friday and then here comes a gloomy 50s raining day over the weekend. hello mr. spring!

i am so looking forward to having a consistent 70s at least three days in a row (am i asking too much?) so i can finally put on white sneakers.


vol2. minimalism & sneakers

some black & gold from the line

Andrianna Shamaris Black:White Petrified Wood pieces

soho greene street_NYC
all images via THE LINE

” Built to last but never boring, these objects are a mix of established favorites and our latest finds from emerging names across fashion, home, and beauty. What unites these quintessential things is their staying power, the intention of their making, and how they work together in the context of a carefully considered life. ” – the line

new york-based THE LINE probably has the most current & wanted collections from fashion to design objects for home. ( i was totally sold when i saw they have the common project sneaker)

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some black & gold from the line

sunday mix : spring

sundaymix_3_kaico-coffee-pot_raisin-breadregardless the enter of summer daylight saving ( one hour shift makes a magical impact on our daily life ), we won’t put away our winter hats & coats until a pleasant, generous temperature that can last more than two days in a row.

this is the first time since i moved to philadelphia back in 2002, that i am really, really enough with the winter and cannot wait for the spring and summer to come! here are couple things that help me virtually feel the presence of spring.

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sunday mix : spring

oh baby | zara baby collection 2014

baby zara_april and may

[styling by april and may | for baby lookbook 2014 ZARA | photography by JAMES STOKES ]

what a lovely surprise to find out one of my favorite stylists/bloggers april and may are the team behind this adorable lookbook of zara baby collection 2014. beemster (NL)-based stylists april and may bring their usual  cheerful, earthy and modern take for the little ones… really, really cute!

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oh baby | zara baby collection 2014