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black, marble and brass, plus the book by tham & videgard arkitekter

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book + magazine / interior

all images via fantastic i am having two subjects in one post today. remember the virtual monday post? that’s right, the realization of the project looks JUST LIKE the rendering, in good way! the marble countertop/backsplash with brass trim, framed by black cabinets with brass hardwares… minimal yet rich in materiality, michitecture’s #1 design mantra. and remember the atrium house by tham & videgård arkitekter featured back in 2012?  stockholm-based architecture office TVARK’s book looks perfect in one of the HG7 […]

from the field

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book + magazine / design / home goods

 [all images courtesy of field] recently i came across field, a washington DC-based design brand in collaboration with designers from all around the world and (the sweet part) manufactured in USA by a network of independent craftsmen. well, if you’re curious how i came across to field : south australia-based daniel/emma is the common tread. here are some of my favorites: + magnifier (waldorf, MD) by daniel/emma 

[book] five borough farm

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book + magazine / landscape architecture

been eyeing the book since last summer… and finally i am having my own copy!  ( for locally-made fans, the book is printed on recycled paper and bound in USA) the project began in 2009 as a call for submission to improve public space in new york city. design trust for public space has conducted in partnership with red hook-based added value to address the urban agriculture across the city. all the photos in this book are by […]

mjolk volume 1

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book + magazine / design / scandinavian design

[all images courtesy mjolk] my latest obsession is the toronto-based gallery and lifestyle store mjolk, where scandinavian design meets japanese crafts. the store actually has been around for about 3 years by now… somehow i never came across the name. but anyway, never be too late. i am so excited to see a place where have most of the design items that i’ve been eyeing on. and yes, if the name John Baker and Juli Daoust sounds familiar to you… […]

ブルータス | CASA brutus

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book + magazine / interior / lifestyle

  [all images courtesy of brutus magazine] few weeks ago i bought a special edition of  japanese lifestyle/interior magazine brutus “ブルータス特別編集:居住空間学 deluxe” from kinokuniya, which totally reminds me again that there is almost no way you can buy this simply awesome magazine online in US. i’ve always been a fan of brutus and i have to tell you, after reading all kinds of lifestyle/interior/design magazines… brutus is among the bests. (because japanese know the best!) minimal advertisement spreads, curated articles, […]

la hune, saint germain

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book + magazine / lifestyle / travel

you would think you can buy anything from amazon… well, not exactly! i spotted couple interesting books which i assumed “i will just buy them from amazon after i go back to the states”. it turned out most of the books we’re interested in can only be found from, not!! (crying) now i feel regret, really really regret, that why i didn’t buy them there…

nordic inspiration from est

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book + magazine / interior / scandinavian design / vintage modern

[all images via est] est, an citrus-y fresh new online magazine, “global living with an australian twist”, is my recent addict. i like how they deliver the life style with personality, not just pretty pictures on glossy paper. and coolest part? for people like me who always want to check out product website after flipping through the magazine: all the product/information is linked to the website as you read!