dream project: akee brygge waterfront promenade by LINK Landskap

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landscape architecture / scandinavian design


all images via landezine| photos © Tomasz Majewski

i just realized my last dream project was posted back in 2013… it is about time to continue the dream project series!

part of a multi-stage redevelopment along the post-industrial waterfront in oslo, norway, Link Landskap has transformed the former shipyard into a vibrant urban neighbourhood and re-connect oslo to its forgotten waterfront with spectacular view. the simple layout of promenade with cheerful street furniture (the bright orange color is inspired by the former oslo maritime history) is intended to encourage social interaction and increase flexibility for spontaneous and un-planned activities.

my favorite design detail is the non-directional, carpet-like granite paving pattern in shades of gray. the patterns seem irregular but actually are arranged in three modules based on pedestrian, vehicular and shared traffic zones.

the outcome is a visually dynamic and  integrated ground plane that unifies the waterfront edge and blends the boundary between commercial facade and natural landscape.

from Link Landskap :

‘Stranden’ is the first of a multi-stage redevelopment of the precinct known as ‘Aker Brygge’ in Oslo, Norway. It is part of a greater effort to reinvigorate Oslo’s post-industrial waterfront by creating a 12km long publically accessible waterfront promenade, connecting the city’s east and west. The precinct’s developer, Norwegian Property (NPRO), aims to reinvigorate Aker Brygge by refurbishing the urban outdoor spaces, transforming the area’s retail concept, and introducing new office space.





all images via landezine| photos © Tomasz Majewski

read the full project here via landezine.

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