a chic & cozy loft – winter edition

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interior / scandinavian design

scandinavian loft_living room_1
all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se

hello hello, my dear michitecutre-ninjas out there! hard to believe it has been over a month since my last post… it sounds like a cliche statement, but finding time to do something for myself that is not house/or work-related between work and little bean, became a such luxury. aaaaanyway, all i wanted to say is so nice to be here again! hopefully my next post will be up sooner than a month.

today i wanted to share this chic & cozy loft from Göteborg. my favorite corner? the chair by the window with deep marble window silt…

scandinavian loft_living room_3

scandinavian loft_living room_2

scandinavian loft_bedroom

scandinavian loft_kitchen_2

scandinavian loft_kitchen

scandinavian loft_office

scandinavian loft_hallway

scandinavian loft_living room_window

scandinavian loft_living room_wood bench
all images courtesy of alvhem makleri.se

happy monday!

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