i can almost move in here

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gray swedish interior_wood dining table
all images courtesy of ahre.se

gray gray gray. the combination of gray and wood makes a calming interior atmosphere. my favorite corner? the kitchen. love the stainless steel cabinets with marble counter top, with subway tile as back splash on gray wall.

also don’t you love these deep window sill ?

yes, i can almost move in here… just need to add one or two tom dixon offcut stools to cheer up the interior little bit.

gray swedish interior_bat

gray swedish interior_dining room

gray swedish interior_living room

gray swedish interior_leather vintage couch

✚ sigh… look at the marble countertop!!!! simply gorgeous.

gray swedish interior_kitchen

gray swedish interior_stainless steel_marble_subway tile_2

gray swedish interior_stainless steel_marble_subway tile

✚ that always look amazingly cool but probably not very practical branch hanging rack… still, i wouldn’t mind having one in the bedroom :)

gray swedish interior_bedroom

gray swedish interior_gray wall

✚ subway tile with wood shelving in the bathroom. love the detail of the marble sink countertop is in consistent with the kitchen countertop.

gray swedish interior_bathroom shelving

gray swedish interior_bathroom sink

all images courtesy of ahre.se

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