a summary scandinavian pad

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scandinavian summer style interior_living room_mirrors

all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se

michitecture is no doubt a huge fan of scandinavian white interior style, not to mention the almost all white interior helps to drop couple degree inside the house during one of these hot summer days.

ready for the house tour?

✚ instead of hanging multiple framed photos/posters, mirrors are used to add some texture and interesting reflection on the living room wall

scandinavian summer style interior_living room

scandinavian summer style interior_living room_leather chairs

✚ the black lower cabinets provides just right amount of definition in the also very white kitchen

scandinavian summer style interior_kitchen_black cabinets

scandinavian summer style interior_kitchen_display ledge

scandinavian summer style interior_kitchen

✚ people always have mixed feeling about having a overhead storage above the headboard… in this case the wall storage looks pretty sturdy and minimal ( which means less fear of something might fall down while you’re sleeping). what do you think?

scandinavian summer style interior_bedroom

✚ love the gray textile headboard and the black wall-mounted lamps

scandinavian summer style interior_overhead sideboards_bedroom

all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se

have you updated your interior styling for the summer?

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