sunday afternoon open house: neutral palette for home

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neutral palette for home_wood dining table

all images courtesy of fantastic

sunday afternoon is one of my favorite time of the week. ( … most favorite time? saturday morning! )

this set of images from fantastic frank reminds me just the exact feeling of sunday afternoon: the warmth of natural sunlight, the peaceful, quiet moment (with some occasional dog barking in the background), the shadow & the glitter casted through the water glass.

love the neutral palette which creates a earthy, calming interior that soothe and quiet the busy mind.

neutral palette for home_wood dining table_2

neutral palette for home_water glass

neutral palette for home_living room_black and white

neutral palette for home_living room

neutral palette for home_built in closet with mirror

neutral palette for home_bedroom_copper side table

IKEA PS cabinet used as hallway shoe storage

neutral palette for home_hallway cloth hanger

all images courtesy of fantastic

click here to see the full set of images.

happy sunday!

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