surprisingly good find in a unusual place: plus sign sheet set

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home goods / interior


sometimes you just cannot judge the book by its cover. i randomly found this super sweet sheet set while browsing other house-supply-related items on target’s website.

we definitely don’t want to over-do it since there are quite a good collection of cross-mark textile in our house already, including pia wallen blanket, changing pad cover from mod fox, muslin swaddle blanket from modern burlap, and slippers we got in tokyo (also found in a unexpected corner in the department store). and this sheet set just solved our concern. the graphic is very minimal & subtle, it won’t clash with other similar cross-mark design in our house. plus the price tag is very affordable compare to other designer-brand bedding. AND the quality is quite nice as well. to the lover of plus-sign design, this sheet set is just too perfect!

it is just too surprisingly good that we wish we discover this product earlier.

if you’re going to order online, don’t get discouraged(?) & confused when you first click this link. yes, other pattern&color design in this series make this plus sign sheet set seem so out-of-place. just select the ‘plus print’ in color and you’re good to go!

Room Essentials Easy Care Sheet Set_black plus on white print

image courtesy of target

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