something new in the house : prints from hammade

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graphic & branding design / home goods


we recently bought two prints from hammade and finally we got them framed and up on the wall in a beautiful spring weekend afternoon! don’t you agree the design is just simply awesome? even there are stacks of diaper next to the poster, the skip jumping rabbit totally pulls it off and remains cool.

if you’re looking for a minimal, stylish, and playful poster that is hand-made (screen printed) and unique, with high design quality and reasonable price, london-based hammade would be your go-to. plus, the shipping is reliable & fast, and each poster came in a super stylish package: black cardboard tube with brown paper sticker (wait to see the wrapping paper inside!).

to a sucker for packaging like me it was almost too nice to open.



✚  superhero rabbit


✚  ski jumping rabbit


after the successful poster purchase, now i am waiting to have these two mugs back in stock:



oh, some side notes for the first image:

✚ frame is from IKEA. nothing fancy, but it works just fine and fits the 50x70cm poster perfect.

✚ changing pad cover from mod fox : okay, chaining pad cover is not something that everyone would need, but if at some point you’re looking for nice quality (hand-made) modern design changing pad cover (or baby bedding)… check out mod fox on etsy!

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