kathrine and thomas live here: founders of I LOVE MY TYPE’s apartment

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interior / scandinavian design

i love my type_founders apartment_living room
all images courtesy of femina.dk

happy monday! to those who live in US, i hope you enjoyed the first day of daylight saving! ( it’s more like “i lost one hour sleep” in my case…) anyway, it is a good news. ideally it means the spring is coming soon. more sunshine and less gray, gloomy (sometimes snowy) days!

not too surprised to see the art director of danish poster brand I LOVE MY TYPE kathrine has brought her inspiration from typographical poster universe to this three rooms apartment. there is a nice contrast between the modern design and flea market found, which personalize the interior space with warm & welcoming atmosphere.

✚ a close-up look of the posters : a mix of kathrine’s collection from her studio or by others

i love my type_founders apartment_living room_finders keepers

✚ wood dining table made by thomas, paired by the vintage eames chairs

i love my type_founders apartment_DIY wood dining table

✚ the bookcase is a flea market find which becomes the home of little treasures found during the trips

i love my type_founders apartment_flea market bookcasejpg

i love my type_founders apartment_bedroom_kartell

✚ couple more flea market goodies: the filling cabinet becomes a clothing drawers. wooden boxes are also found in flea market.

i love my type_founders apartment_old filing cabinet as clothing drawer

i love my type_founders apartment_home office

all images courtesy of femina.dk

you can read the original article here.

and here is a beautiful notebook designed by i love my type. when things involve gold foil it is just so hard to pass…

i love my type_notebook_gold foil

i love my type_notebook_gold foil_close up

images courtesy of i love my type

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