i can move in here: lotta agaton’s apartment

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interior / scandinavian design

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_gray living room

all images courtesy of alexander white.se

the first post of ‘i can move in here‘ in 2015 gotta be something special. and yes, this insanely chic & cozy apartment belongs to swedish stylist lotta agaton is now on the market…!

i know many of you probably already seen the rooms before, as the images are featured in almost every major scandinavian interior blogs like a wild fire two years ago. before it is sold- let’s take one more house tour again.

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_wood stools in living room

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_open bookshelf

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_dining toom_piano_wooden hands

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_dining room_tom dixon

✚ here comes the all white kitchen! love the white case around the hood and these wall-mounted lights. so elegant.

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_white kitchen

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_white kitchen_subway tiles

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_white kitchen_wood floor

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_gray guest room

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_kids bedroom_1

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_kids bedroom_2

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_kids bedroom_3._pia wallen blanket

✚ normally i don’t include bathroom/toilet image unless there is something good to say. i like how this all white powder room is so minimal and yet functional. use the wall mounted cosmetic mirror to save you some space.

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_mini and chic toilet

✚ my dream poster:  La Mela e La Pera ( the apple and the pear) by Enzo Mari. one day i will bring you home.

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_bedroom_apple and pear poster

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_bedroom_muuto wood hooks

Lotta Agaton_7 ROK_entry hallway_wood stools

all images courtesy of alexander white.se

not that i can afford the 1.7 million price… nor do we need so many rooms (one master bedroom, four rooms, kitchen, dining room, and living room, with one bathroom and one powder room) , but yes, i can move in here!

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