floating sideboards in living room

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DIY / interior / scandinavian design

white sideboards with wood top in living room_1

image via  stadshem.se

alright, today’s post is more like a to-do list of 2015 : the floating sideboards in living room. we’ve been talking about installing our own for few years and i think this is the year we’re going to really do it.

couple lovely inspirations:

✚ with our interior palate we will probably go with white sideboards with birch wood top. but the black one in the picture below looks pretty amazing.

black sideboards in living room_1

black sideboards in living room_2
images via elledecoration.se

✚  white floating sideboards with wood top from weekday carnival

playtype calendar poster

riikka kantinkoski_ livingroom

images via weekday carnival

✚ another white floating sideboards from bambula

bambula_floating sideboards_1

bambula_floating sideboards_2
images courtesy of bambula

✚ floating storage units from animal print shop‘s nursery project ( collaboration with morgan satterfield from the brick house)

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose
images courtesy of the animal print shop

✚ … and little bit fancier version of floating sideboards from nordic leaves

nordic leaves_floating sideboards_2

nordic leaves_floating sideboards_1
images © nordic leaves photography

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