festive white

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interior / scandinavian design

scandinavian_festive white_living room_wall frames

all images courtesy of alvhemmakleri.se

this is definitely my favorite time of the year… taking a break from the hectic work schedule, spending time with family, cooking yummy food, plus candle lights and cozy blanket…

love the contrast between crisp white interior and textured textile with little bit hint of gold accessories in this cozy apartment from göteborg, sweden.

✚ living room

scandinavian_festive white_living room_cozy pillows

scandinavian_festive white_living room_bookshelf

scandinavian_festive white_living room

scandinavian_festive white_bedroom_floor doors

✚ bedroom

scandinavian_festive white_bedroom_gray

scandinavian_festive white_bedroom_bedside drawers

✚ kitchen

scandinavian_festive white_kitchen_gold hardware

scandinavian_festive white_kitchen_gold pendant bulb

scandinavian_festive white_kitchen

all images courtesy of alvhemmakleri.se

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