modern finnish home with black wall in kitchen

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interior / scandinavian design

modern finnish home_black backsplash wall in kitchen
all images courtesy of less is

renovated and styled by turku (finland)-based less is more ( we just featured the founder’s dream apartment here couple days ago), this lovely one bedroom apartment is actually quiet spacious considering it has its own balcony and a generous size floor to ceiling closet…

✚ love the black backsplash and black wall in two sides of kitchen space. nice contrast to the rest of crisp white interior!

modern finnish home_kitchen_butcher block countertop

modern finnish home_black wall in kitchen

modern finnish home_living room

✚ kind of off-subject but kind of a interesting DIY moment: have you thought about using champagne cork cap as the napkin holder?

modern finnish home_champagne cap napkin holder

modern finnish home_bedroom_ladder cloth hanger

modern finnish home_bedroom_white tolix stool

modern finnish home_bedroom_sliding door closet

modern finnish home_bathroom

modern finnish home_wood tray
all images courtesy of less is

check out less is more for the complete set of images.

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