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Tokyo bike
images via

we currently don’t have any bike at home and that gives me a reason to buy one but if i am going to buy one… tokyobike would be the pick. i am not a serious type of biker. i just want to grab my bike when the weather is beautiful outside and pedal along kelly drive. comfort should definitely come first, light weight & simple design are very much all what i need.

” In the same way that a mountain bike is suitable for riding across mountains, tokyobike is for pedaling around Tokyo. We want you to forget the bicycle itself and simply enjoy the ride… All our frames and parts are based on this concept of ” TOKYO SLOW “ – that is what tokyobike is all about. ” – tokyobike

good thing is tokyobike has a shop in nolita NYC! currently the store is closed for the season and will reopen in march 2015, but the online shop is still open.

i am hoping eventually they will carry the tricycle ‘little tokyobike’… what a cute bike.

✚ little tokyobike

little tokyobike_white

✚ tokyoibke bisou26

tokyobike bisou 26_white

✚ tokyobike 26

tokyobike 26_white

all images courtesy of tokyobike

i also found this minimal wooden bike hook on etsy that would go perfectly with my tokyobike:

wooden bike hook oak wood with copper by fluoshop

wooden bike hook oak wood with copper by fluoshop_copper
images courtesy of fluoshop

you cannot beat it with the wood and copper comes in one minlmal design.

now it is just matter of waiting for that finally-is-happening house improvement project next spring to be done… THEN i can begin to plan on getting my tokyobike.

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