i can move in here: simply a gorgeous apartment

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interior / scandinavian design

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_1
all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se | photos by jonas berg

as title indicated, this is simply a gorgeous two bedroom apartment from göteborg, sweden, that i would LOVE to move in. besides the beautiful interior & spacious layout, the neighborhood is equally beautiful as well. the play of shades of gray from furniture to textile makes a very elegant & stylish interior that is crisp but still keep the warm feeling. and i like the fact that this apartment has a nicely done kitchen and the rest of rooms are still remaining more like a white canvas… it is a flexible space to be adopted to our lifestyle.

no seriously, i can totally move in here tomorrow.

here are some of my favorite corners:

✚ kitchen: carrara marble countertop | smeg gas stove | ikea dishwasher & hood | square subway tile | thonet era chairs

… the gold rod with pendent lights makes a nice response to the rest of gold hardwares on kitchen cabinets.

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_2

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_smeg stove

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_bistro chairs_dining table

✚ the refrigerator is built-in in this floor height cabinets. love the pantone cool gray with gold handles.

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_gray built-in floor height cabinets

✚ if you’re tired of typical subway tiles… square tiles in the layout of subway tiles is something modern & classic.

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_dark gray cabinets

✚ i’ve been attempting to buy the clip-on industrial cage lamp from merci couple times, but always stopped right before the check out. reason? the lamp has a very fair price, and the shipping rate is as much as the lamp costs. i am still hoping to find the exact same lamp with free US shipping…

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_kitchen_clip-on industrial wire cage wall lamp

✚ living room: basically it’s a big open floor plan where living room is part of dining room and kitchen anyway.

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_living room_gray

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_living room_black leather couch_wire basket

✚ bedroom (with walk-in closet): pure white with exposed brick wall | wall mounted bedside lamp | DIY cluster bubble ceiling light by housedoctor.dk | welcome to the city of champions poster by playtype

a little complaint: the danish design store housedoctor has dealers all over the world (including in taiwan), but not single one in united states! i am serious considering to contact them at some point… there gotta be a group of people like me who is also looking for everyday objects in simple scandinavian style… and affordable price. (right? right?)

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_white bed room with gray bedside wall mounted lamp

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_white bed room with gray bedside wall mounted lamp_2

Arsenalsgatan 12 C_goteborg sweden_white bed room with exposed brick wall
all images courtesy of entrancemakleri.se | photos by jonas berg

check out realtor entrance‘s website for the complete set of images.

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