interior stylist pella hedeby’s simple, stylish home (for sale!)

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interior / lifestyle / scandinavian design

chic scandinavian interior_white wood floor
all images courtesy of

even with such a beautiful and cozy home from södertälje (about 19 miles southwest of stockholm), you would think this is THE home that will be forever. but when the time comes and you’re moving on. i cannot imagine if i own such a gorgeous home and will be willing to put it on market!

and because i love this home so much, there are MANY images of the interior shots today… be prepared of the coming up inspiration over-load!

chic scandinavian interior_hall way

✚ i can only wish this is our kitchen. while we began to look into our kitchen hardware options, keep it simple & minimal is the rule#1. perhaps at this point i should forget about gold/brass hardware…

having tolomeo spot light in kitchen is a mini luxury moment.

chic scandinavian interior_kitchen_dining area

chic scandinavian interior_kitchen cabinets

chic scandinavian interior_kitchen_marble countertop

✚ the mixed dining chairs arrangement is perfect for a person like me who is always thinking to buy another chair (but you only need so many chairs for two people)

chic scandinavian interior_dining table_mixed chairs

chic scandinavian interior_living room

chic scandinavian interior_living room and home offce

chic scandinavian interior_bedroom

chic scandinavian interior_bedside lamp

chic scandinavian interior_kids bedroom_school locker closet

chic scandinavian interior_kids bedroom_blackboard wall

chic scandinavian interior_wooden day bed

all images courtesy of

hop over to pella’s blog still inspiration to see her own shots. i am very looking forward to seeing her next home project!

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