sunday open house: artist and illustrator olaf hajek’s apartment

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interior / lifestyle

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_2
all images courtesy of the selby is in your place

artists just know how to express their personality into the everyday living space. german-based artist olaf hajek‘s beautiful illustration have  been spotted from the water tank project in new york, campaign poster for lotte mall in south korea, and numerous book & magazine covers. his work is known for the bold combination of color, texture and strong cultural theme, not too surprised to see his apartment has that same bold character.

love the compact yet super stylish kitchen set with big black board wall as backdrop.

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_kitchen with blackboard

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_kitchen with blackboard_2

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_1

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_3

the selby_Olaf_Hajek_apartment_living room
all images courtesy of the selby is in your place

check out for the full interview and more images of his apartment.

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