i can move in here: cross street project by C+M studio

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architecture / interior / lifestyle

C+M studio_Cross St_kitchen_black wood dining table

all images courtesy of C+M Studio

designed by sydney-based C+M Studio, not only the selection of material & accessories – from the crisp white interior, beautiful wood floor, wood benches and stools, and that hexagonal marble tiles in kitchen and in bathroom- are all the right things to have in the same place (did i tell you this apartment is in walking distance to taramara beach?), i love the idea of collaboration with local artists, designers and retailers to decorate the interior, host exclusive dinners by the pop-up farm-to-table dinner organizer, free Q+A on property development and design with the architects,workshop  about gardening in small spaces etc… events that is not only aimed to sell the place, but also provides social&cultural opportunity for the local community. 

another really cool part in this renovation project is that you can choose to move in with or without these furnitures& accessories – or you can shop the items yourself on the cross street project website.

although the three weeks open house is now closed, here are some images from architect’s website to share:

C+M studio_Cross St_living room_wood mirror

C+M studio_Cross St_living room_earthy wood furniture_white folding windows

C+M studio_Cross St_kitchen_hexagonal marble tiles

C+M studio_Cross St_bedroom_gray pillows_wood bedside stools

C+M studio_Cross St_bathroom_hexagonal marble tiles floor_black faucet_muuto rack

C+M studio_Cross St_bathroom_hexagonal marble tiles floor_black faucet_free standing bathtub

all images courtesy of C+M Studio

and of course, you should check out C+M Studio’s website for detailed project description & many other quasi amazing projects.

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