sunday open house: dark interior

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interior / scandinavian design

dark scandinavian interior style_living room_gray pillows

all images courtesy of

a beautiful three bedroom apartment styled by hans blomquist, from stockholm sweden. maybe because of the temperature is dropping outside, the look of darker shade of interior walls is so right on. i love especially the dark (blue-gray?) wall in the living room with all these cozy gray pillows and weathered wood furniture.

simply perfect.

dark scandinavian interior_wood dining table

dark scandinavian interior style_dining table setting

dark scandinavian interior style_charcoal wall

dark scandinavian interior style_wood stool gray pillow

dark scandinavian interior style_gray pillows_charcoal color wall

dark scandinavian interior style_bedroom

dark scandinavian interior style_black wall in bedroom

dark scandinavian interior_bathroom

all images courtesy of

tomorrow i will show you another set of interior that has a whole another different atmosphere, with exactly same apartment layout.  stay tuned!

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