Sågverket : the kind of b&b i would love to own

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interior / lifestyle / travel

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_1

all images via fantastic frank.se

it is kind of sad(?) to see this stylish -probably the most stylish hostel (the toilets and shower rooms are shared) i’ve ever seen- is up for sale. the current owner definitely did a beautiful job on renovating the interior. the effortless scandinavian taste is every where- natural wood material, keep it simple & white, and most importantly, feel cozy.

i am hoping the next owner would appreciate most of these styling and keep it as stylish as it is right now…

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_exterior

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_exterior_2

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_2

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_3

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_stairway

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_room_mustard yellow

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_room_gray_twins

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_meeting room

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_corner

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_kitchen_dining

sagverket_stylish swedish hostel_gray birch_path

all images via fantastic frank.se

you can check out sagverket‘s website for more staying information.

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