marble countertop and the earthy living room

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marble countertop_dark lower cabinets_1

all images courtesy of fantastic

you all michitecture readers know the marble countertop has been a long time favorite here. to celebrate my return to the blogsphere (3 weeks doesn’t seem that long ago!), what else can be better as the kick-off post? a cozy & modern apartment with marble countertop.

the marble countertop with dark lower cabinets & white upper cabinets makes a elegant contrast in the kitchen scene. not to mention the very minimal gold hardware detail is totally wining my heart.

marble countertop_dark lower cabinets_wood dining table

marble countertop_dark lower cabinets_gold hardware

marble countertop_dark lower cabinets_2

earthy living room_tom dixon light_2

earthy living room_tom dixon light

✚ the gold hardware made their way to the bedroom… nice little coordination!

gray and blue bedroom_floor rug

nursery room_bunny cabinet with leather ears

all images courtesy of fantastic

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