flat file cabinet coffee table

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earthy swedish apartment_file cabinet coffee table_living room storage
all images courtesy of bo-laget.se

using flat file cabinet as coffee table is one of these “let’s add some rustic to the modern home” move that makes you either love it or leave it. if you done it right – it could become a really charming center piece in the living room. and it comes with a plus- the cabinet can also serve as storage space for newspapers, magazines, misc. papers etc. functional and beautiful, a win-win.

in this apartment for sale in malmö, the wood panels from the cabinet, the era chairs, the wood dining table, and the wood countertop in the kitchen are in the family of similar tone, which brings a soft, warm touch to the majorly white interior.

earthy swedish apartment_file cabinet coffee table_ear chair

earthy swedish apartment_era chair_wood dining table_kitchen tiles

earthy swedish apartment_creamy white bedroom_headboard display

earthy swedish apartment_creamy white bedroom
all images courtesy of bo-laget.se

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