relax & recharge : strandwood haus on rügen island

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lifestyle / weekend house

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_exterior_2

a modern boat-house inspired vacation home with sandy beaches in walking distance, stunning view to the baltic sea, surrounded by zickerschen alps… on the mönchgut peninsula at rügen‘s southwest corner, strandwood house is exactly where i would loooove to spend a week or two (or three) with my family, in summer or winter time (the fire place!).

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_exterior_1
all images via

here are some of my favorite interior moments: (hint: white, gray, wood material involved)

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_kitchen_1

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_living room

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_leather sidechair

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_bedroom

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_white  interior

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_twin beds

summer getaway_strandwood_rugen island_interior_wood diningtable
all images via

i can’t pick one favorite corner- because i simply love every inches here, including outdoor patio.

check out here to see more images. don’t miss the sheep :)

side note: one thing we’re pretty proud here on michitecture is we don’t do “sponsored post”. therefore, whatever we’re sharing here are simply(truly) what we wanted to share!

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