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interior / vintage modern

vintage modern_malmo_industrial cage light_wood dining table
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the title of this post is a bit lack of creativity, and probably i used hundred times before – and i am using it again.

a nice subtle industrial styling in this apartment from malmö, sweden. the vintage wood crates, pendant cage light, exposed brick wall… it has been done so much that we almost don’t need to see another new restaurant with “industrial twist”. however- if you done it right, the ‘industrial chic’ can still be something refreshing. a safe way to start is to mix with scandinavian style: more white, less exposed brick wall.

we’ve seen the harness leather belts hanging rail, and this time… chain wooden bar hanging rail. i once again realized ‘cheesy’ and ‘chic’ can be this close – all up to the context and execution. ( hint: google “chain-wooden-bar-hanging-rail”… no inspiring result can be found)

✚ we all know the trick of vintage wood crates… and they work every time.

vintage modern_malmo_minimal book shelf

✚ if you happen to have utility pipes in the living room… the best way might just embrace it. paint it white, or gold is even better !

vintage modern_malmo_living room

vintage modern_malmo_industrial pandent light

vintage modern_malmo_bedroom_industrial

vintage modern_malmo_chain_wood rod_cloth hanger

vintage modern_malmo_industrial kitchen

vintage modern_malmo_pandent light

vintage modern_malmo_hallway_map

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