the coming back of wall paper

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interior / scandinavian design

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_living room_wall paper
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here comes july!

simple layout with gorgeous big windows & fancy balcony in this apartment from göteborg somehow reminds me more like a summer getaway pad. the white and gray is such a tried-and-true golden combination, they keep your interior year-round appropriate. additionally there are three different kinds of wall paper  introduced in this two bed room apartment, which, surprisingly, create a playful moment without clashing each other.

as a side note and not really relate to the subject: göteborg is definitely on my list if i ever get to visit sweden.

✚ TRAPEZ designed by danish-architect/designer arne jacobsen would be my choice if i have to choose ONE wall paper pattern for our home. manufactured by swedish company BoråsTapeter, currently there’s no US retailers/e-commerce is carrying this wallpaper. uh-oh.

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_living room_2

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_living room

✚ the linen table cloth and eames chairs… which is pretty much same setting we have for our dining table. linen table cloth is really something magical especially if your dining table is not that fancy. just cover it. i got ours from terrain, but ultimately i am still eyeing on this one from FOG.

for the true white linen table cloth… matteo has one for you.

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_linen dining table

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_door hardware

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_bed room_2

✚ the half moon wall paper from fermliving is a perfect headboard alternative!

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_bedroom

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_bed room_side chair

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_balcony

✚ nothing really fancy in this kitchen, except that big window and clean layout… which is all we need for a ideal kitchen.

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_kitchen

✚ the flamingo pattern looks so cheerful & elegant (there two can co-exist) in this hallway area! london-based cole & son have some incredible wallpapers including the flamingo one.

Göteborg_scandinavian apartment_gray_hallway_wall paper
all images via

you can check out the rest of images here.


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