blogger Åsa Myrberg’s summer cottage

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Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_living room
all images via skonahem

it is the season makes you fancy about summer cottage/lodge in sunday afternoon… wherever close to the lake/shore/ocean kind of place (and wherever away from the city). this summer cottage located on Ekerö (a municipality in stockholm county in east central sweden) is featured on the cover of current issue of skonahem magazine. belongs to the blogger asa myrberg (lots DIY projects in her house), the interior style is easy and relatable, which is why i like about it SO MUCH.

oh summer.

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_living room_2

✚ the kitchen system is from IKEA (love it!! ) and the wine rack is made by asa herself. the combination of modern appliance and exposed brick wall never gets old.

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_kitchen_2

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_kitchen

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_bedroom

✚ my favorite way to arrange books… by color!

Åsa Myrberg's summer cottage_bookshelf
all images via skonahem

check out the original article here.

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